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Celestion Creamback Vs Greenback (Comparing ALL of Their Models!)

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One of the main components that puts life into any music is speakers. If you invest in a high-quality instrument, such as a guitar or piano, and use it with a poor-quality speaker, you are undoubtedly setting yourself for disappointment.

On the other hand, good-quality speakers, such as the Celestion Creamback or Celestion Greenback, can completely turn things around and make your music a total hit!

The Celestion Creamback and Celestian Greenback are two excellent guitar speakers ideal for playing today’s powerful beats.

Initially a staple for original music, they are becoming increasingly popular today for their outstanding performance and wide range of functions.

However, how do you decide nice which one to get? It all comes down to Celestian Creamback vs. Celestian Greenback-what is the difference between Celestian Creamback and Celestian Greenback?

Are there any variants of the two, for instance, Celestion g10 Creamback vs. greenback or Celestion Greenback vs. Creamback 75?

Considering the functions, including the sound, tone, power, and limit, of each of these Celestion Creamback and Celestian Greenback variants is necessary to make a good, informed selection.

Once you are fully aware, play these instruments with your favorite guitar and music and watch how the song has an entirely different feel after that!

The Celestion History

While several brands have been selling speakers and other electronics, Celestion remains among the top sellers.

This is because it is an old, highly experienced speakers’ brand that knows exactly what they are doing and how to move forward.

At Celestion, both the factors of maintaining old values and incorporating contemporary functions into instruments hold the same importance.

Celestion is a well-established, respected company in the guitar community. With a history that dates as far as 1924, they have since made several breakthroughs in the speaker-technology field.

They have introduced legendary guitar amps speaker models, such as the Celestion Creamback and Celestian Greenback.

Since the day Vox decided to equip its AC15 amplifier with the Celestian T. 530, the speaker company’s reputation further took off.

Celestian was able to capture the hearts of millions of guitar players worldwide with the T. 530’s cutting-edge delivery. Celestian’s other products were no less striking, the perfect balance between balanced tones and powerful beats.

Therefore, some of the biggest cabinet manufacturers still opt for the Celestian speakers, including the Celestian Creamback and Celestian Greenback, for modifying and improving their models.

Why Choose Celestion

Celestion has set a sonic standard with its wide range of premium-quality products.

The establishment never ceases to amaze its fans and audience, always pushing the musical boundaries with its newer, more improved models.

Currently, Celestion has an extensive lineup of elite musical products, including innovative speakers, such as the Vintage 30, Alnico, Originals, Celestion Creamback, and Celestion Greenback.

These powerful speakers allow guitarists all over the world to reinvigorate their guitar amplifier’s sound or route them to just about any Celestion product.

Furthermore, the Celestion products come with easy handling and beginner-friendly guides, enabling new along with old artists to grow and widen their expertise.

Celestian Creamback

The Celestion Creamback is among the most famous speakers by Celestian. According to the company, it is almost a ‘definite vintage Celestion ceramic magnet guitar speaker.’

It delivers an extraordinary sound unlike numerous others in its range. The Celestion Creamback’s sensitive and sonic response is even greater than the Celestion Greenback from about 30 watts of power.

This brings Celestion Creamback’s vintage tone into the modern guitar amplifiers.

A significant number of amp manufacturers use the Celestion Creamback due to its great functionality and performance.

It captures the familiar woody tones just right, but with even more power and a low-end grunt without compromising on the mid-range crunches or the top-sweet fidelity ends.

The Celestion Creamback is among the high-rated speakers since it utilizes Celestian’s famous proprietary ‘H’ magnet for delivering a tight bass response as compared to the other models.

Moreover, the sound it produces has a clear treble peak and weighs almost half as much as a standard Creamback, all thanks to its neodymium magnet.

The Celestion Creamback, with its 12-inches ceramic magnet, has a beautiful mid-range crunch and a glorious break-up.

You can use it individually or combine it with a high-powered rock head. It is the perfect option for bringing definition and drive to the modern high-amplification beats.

Furthermore, it has 25-watt power handling with an option of replacement as well as upgrading.

Celestian Greenback

Another brilliant speaker is the Celestion Greenback, a model known for its clear sound and outclass performance. It has been around for decades since it is loved by the old guitar-playing legends and current guitarists alike. 

The Celestion Greenback is said to have the familiar Marshall stack sound, which became popular in the transitional music period.

It can play the early blues tone and mid-60s, and 70’s hard rock, just as well as contemporary music. Additionally, the Celestion Greenback offers higher power than the Celestian conventional Alnico speakers that came out at the beginning.

Therefore, the Celestion Greenback is the perfect option for anyone who wants to drive their amp harder or test its limit with heavier sounds, such as those by Angus Young, Eric Clapton, Eddie Van Halen, and Jimi Hendrix.

The Celestion Greenback, especially the G-12 Greenback and G-12M Greenback speakers, and well-known for their intense yet balanced response that allows the player to feel each beat.

The ceramic magnets featured in the Celestion Greenback are the reason for its crystal-clear sound.

Although the Greenback G-12M is more sonically distinctive for its mid-heavy, punchy tones, the Greenback G-12H rates higher for its greater aggressive lows along with the upper mid-range hump cuts.

The former ensures a tamed fizzy-top end, while the latter showcases the perfect blend of all sorts of beats.

Both the speakers work fairly well on low-powered amplifiers and can also be installed inside cabinets for the high-power rock & roll metal heads.

The Celestion Greenback G-10 has a fast response of 10 inches but also works for added vocal tones with a 12-inches response.

You can use the Celestian Greenback for some depth into hollow-sounding amps or extract extra girth from single coils.

Celestion G-10 Creamback vs. Celestion Greenback

The Celestion G-10 Creamback is another excellent release. It combines everything that professional guitar players love with its 10-inch high format.

It is hand-built in the UK with the same production materials and methods as the 12-inch models.

The Celestion G-10 Creamback uses a ceramic magnet with a 1.75-inch voice coil to deliver a 45-watts power-handling performance. It comes with a wide range of dynamics and punches with an overall expressive and detailed tone.

Celestion G-10 Creamback has a nominal diameter of 10 inches, an impedance of 8 Ω or 16 Ω, and a sensitivity of 96 dB. Its frequency range is 95 – 5500 Hz and has a resonance frequency of 98 Hz.

The voice coil diameter is 44 mm, and the chassis type is pressed steel. The ceramic magnet weighs 14 oz.

On the other hand, the Celestion Greenback is 95 lbs. and has a power handling of 30 watts. It has a similar magnet and frequency range as the Celestian G-10 Creamback. Moreover, the Celestion greenback has mids with a crunchy hi-end.

Celestion Neo Creamback vs. Celestion Greenback

The Celestion Neo Creamback is a popular guitar speaker often compared with the Celestion Greenback.

It performs like a classic Celestion, boasting a magical tone. Its neodymium magnet, hence the name, gives it half the weight you would expect from a traditional Celestian ceramic magnet speaker.

The engineers at Celestion have made the Celestion Neo Creamback with innovative ways that harness the modern beats better, enabling the speaker to deliver each beat with a balanced tone.

Apart from the low weight, you also get a punch of warm vocal midranges with the Celestion Neo Creamback. It gives out refined highs that set the pulses racing. The Celestian Neo Creamback is truly different than its rivals.

According to some users, the Celestion Greenback may be better for recording and perform better in a mix. However, the Celestian Neo Creamback is considered more balanced.

Celestion G-12H Greenback vs. Celestion Creamback

The Celestion G-12H is another excellent model from the Celestion company. It is known as the definite vintage Celestion, featuring a ceramic magnet.

It was introduced in the mid-sixties and was quickly made popular by famous guitarists like Clapton, Hendrix, Page, and Beck, who found it just right for loud and aggressive music.

The Celestion G-12H also plays well for the blue jazz genre and all the similar styles.

The Celestion G-12H has a nominal power rating of 65 Watts and a rated impedance of 8 and 16.

The sensitivity is 97 dB, while the frequency range is 75 – 5000 Hz. The resonance frequency is 75 Hz with a voice coil diameter of 44.5 mm and a chassis type of pressed steel.

The magnet type is ceramic with a weight of 35 oz. The voice coil material is round copper.

The Celestion Creamback is a great guitar speaker with a familiar woody tone that handles large power, making it an ideal choice for the current amps.

It plays vintage tones well with increased power-handling and an extra low-end grunt. It plays warm, vocal mid ranges to great detail along with crunch upper-mids and refined highs.

While the Celestion G-12H is considered brighter, the Celestion Creamback is more defined. However, the Celestion G-12H volume is better than the standard Celestian models.

The Celestion Vintage 30 vs. Greenback vs. Creamback

The Celestion Vintage is a flagship guitar amp speaker introduced back in 1968. It was ideal for playing spandex rock and metal music.

It quickly became a top favorite of several cabinets and amp manufacturers and remains a standard model. Guitarists like Slash, Mark Tremonti, and Peter Frampton added to Celestion Vintage’s popularity.

The Celestion Vintage 30 combines the Celestion ‘H’ magnet with a special cone design. Its coil is made with modern materials, such as rich mids and detailed high, that gives it a unique look.

The Celestion Vintage is Celestion’s most revealing speaker with great harmonic complexities that project fine musical details. It also handles high-powered valve amplifiers well and has plenty of headroom.

Frequently Asked Question

What is the main difference between Celestion Creamback and Greenback?

While the Celestion Greenback is somewhat a vintage model of the Celestion ceramic magnet guitar speaker, the Celestion Creamback features a greater sensitivity with an extra 30-watts power handling.

The latter brings vintage tines and modern beats together, offering the ideal balance to the player and audience.

Are Celestion Greenbacks any good?

The Celestion Greenback has a sweet sound, wide range, and a good breakup. They have a good ohm rating with low wattage.