MP3 V0 vs 320 kbps CBR [The DEBATE Ends Here!]

mp3 v0 vs 320 kbps

Downloading and storing audio files can be quite complex to the average user when it comes to technicalities and how it functions. Audio filing has grown exponentially, becoming one of the most prominent and viable ways to indulge in multimedia entertainment. Within the digital audio industry, bitrate is a term that is used to acknowledge … Read More

Vox WAH vs The Crybaby – ALL You Need to Know [2022]

vox wah vs crybaby

So, the Vox Wah or the Crybaby? Whether you’re a beginner musician or someone who’s had plenty of musical experience, or even someone somewhere in between, a guitar pedal is something you would definitely want to add to your equipment. Pedals are a fantastic tool to mix and match many different sounds, and having multiple … Read More

Hi-Z vs Lo-Z

Hi Z vs Lo Z

When you are in the music and audio industry, something you will probably hear often is the difference between Hi-Z and Lo- Z when it comes to microphones and things like guitars and basses. If you’re a beginner, the differences between the two and the way they work with your audio equipment can be a … Read More