Kemper Stage Vs. Head [What the EXPERTS Recommend!]

Kemper Stage vs Head

For electric guitar players of all levels and styles, amplification and tone modification have always been a thing since the invention of the electric guitar. Most audio engineers, be it on live stages or recording studios, would always tell you about the guitar player’s obsession with sounding “a bit louder” or with experimenting with different … Read More

What Happened To the LEGENDARY SisQo? Where is He Now?

What happened to SisQo

Many people don’t know the real name of Sisqo, who has been a great singer in the past and adored by millions of fans across the Globe. While some of his records burgeoned like a volcano in the music industry, others did not quite make their mark as it was hoped they would.  Lately, there … Read More

Swamp Ash Vs. Alder (The BEST Wood for Your Guitar Fretboard?)

Swamp Ash vs Alder wood comparison

Electric guitars are one of the major sources of entertainment for youth and elders alike all over the  United States. Each year, millions of purchases of electronic guitars are reported in the United States alone. After all, they are much easier to use as compared to the manual ones and also provide users with a … Read More

Marshall Valvestate VS-65R Amp Review [How GOOD is this BAD Boy?]

Marshall Valvestate VS65R Amp Review

If you are a fan of music or guitar instruments, you must have come across the terms ‘amplifier,’ ‘Marshall,’ and ‘Guitar tubes.’ But what are they really? Are amplifiers, like the Marshall Valvestate VS-65R, even necessary while playing instruments like a guitar? Should you really be spending all the extra money on an amplifier? The … Read More

Marshall 8008 Power Amp Review (REALLY the One for You?)

Marshall 8008 Power Amp review

What brings an average sound to life? The amplifier! The topic of our discussion today is Marshall 8008. A powerful amplifier that outperforms several of its types and in its range. However, before making any decisions, stop and think, is it really the one for you? If you are looking for all the Marshalll 8008 … Read More

What Does Musically Inclined Mean?: [SIGNS to Look Out for]

what does musically inclined mean

Music has been a part of human culture for thousands of years; it continues to play a significant role in our lives today. Some people have a natural talent for music, while others have to work hard to develop their musical skills.  If you’ve ever heard someone described as “musically inclined,” you may wonder what … Read More

What Happened to Datpiff? Is Datpiff Down? [LATEST Updates!]

what happened to datpiff

As a music enthusiast, there’s nothing quite like discovering new, up-and-coming artists on online platforms like Datpiff.  However, over the past few weeks, it seems that something may have gone wrong with the site, leaving users wondering, “What happened to Datpiff? Is Datpiff down?” After some investigation, it appears that Datpiff may be experiencing some … Read More

How To Make Music Without Instruments: EVERYTHING You Need!

How to make music without instruments

Music is a universal language that transcends boundaries and connects people from all walks of life. It has the power to evoke emotions, inspire creativity, and bring joy to our lives.  While traditional musical instruments are the most common tools used to create music, there are other ways to produce tunes without them. This guide … Read More

What Does Old Head Mean in Rap? [The Good & Bad Meanings!]

What does Old Head mean in rap?

Hip-hop culture has always been a platform for self-expression and social commentary. Rap music is a genre that has been around for decades, and it has evolved with the times. One of the most exciting things about rap is its use of slang and vernacular.  Over the years, several words and phrases have become popular … Read More