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Best Amplifier For KEF LS50 Meta

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Back in 2012, KEF released the first LS50 as part of its anniversary festival. These stand mounters were a big hit, so much so that they are still being manufactured till 2021.

By any metric, nine years is a long time, but it was made feasible by a mix of audio quality, construction, and styling that stayed incredibly attractive.

However, this did not deter the company’s researchers from taking a fresh approach; the outcome is the LS50 Meta.

The LS50 Meta appears identical to the LS50, and it is in many respects. The company explored altering that finely crafted casing but determined that there was little that could be improved.

It doesn’t take time to notice that the LS50 has greatly enhanced. While the underlying sonic signature is instantly recognizable, the new ones have achieved the clarity and polish that the originals just hinted at.

Therefore today, we will be discussing the 13 best amplifiers for the KEF LS50 meta.

  • Yamaha Audio A-S1200BL
  • Peachtree Audio Nova300
  • Cambridge Audio Cxa81
  • Nad C388
  • Marantz Pm7000n Integrated Amplifier
  • Denon Pma-600ne Amplifier
  • Audiolab 6000a 100 Amplifier
  • Nad – D 3020 V2 Hybrid Digital Integrated Amplifier
  • Soundartist SA-200IA Stereo Amplifier
  • Vincent Audio Sv 500 Hybrid Integrated KEF LS50 Amplifier
  • Pyle Wifi Stereo Amplifier Receiver
  • Crown XLI3500 Two-Channel, 1350-Watt At 4Ω Power
  • Hegel H95 KEF LS50 Meta

Yamaha Audio A-S1200BL

Imagining the golden age of Hi-Fi equipment with exquisite features. Yamaha has never disappointed amp fans.

The finest model is the A-S1200, which has a stunning design and the newest sound technology that precisely adapts to your kef ls50. Its high-quality parts produce smooth, excellent musical sensations.

The Toroidal voltage converter is the greatest part. It delivers a high-energy output with a clean tone.

Toroidal Transformers can be simply integrated with other devices. It acts as a sound distribution aid, providing the listener with new music emotions.

Mechanical foundation principles are commendable, beginning with foot bolts and welding to the primary frame. Though the A-S2200 had vibration concerns, the A-S1200 eliminated undesired vibration and attained a passionate tone.

These speaker connectors are made of solid brass and have a highly secure attachment that is simple to tighten by hand.

The layout and element choice of the device helps to create an expansive sound stage.

Thick wires were purposefully chosen for ground contact, contributing to the general low-impedance amplifier structure and generating a wide and open recording studio for the listener.

Pros Cons
High-quality components Overpriced
Toroidal power transformer No LED light on the volume knob
Analog output meters

Peachtree Audio Nova300

One thing to understand regarding the Peachtree Audio nova300 is that it is quite loud.

We all know that raw watts are an inadequate proxy for evaluating volume. But that takes you halfway there, and the nova300 is a mighty monster in these regards.

Its constant output is – and this will astound you – 300 watts per side, with a maximum of 450. That is extremely effective. Incredibly, really strong.

Pairing loudspeakers to anything like this is obviously going to be difficult – speaker and amplifier balancing is a kind of black art.

It wasn’t only that it could make a loud noise when we wanted it to. That was a foregone conclusion. It’s because the audio was simply incredible. It had such depth, heaviness, and heft about it that we nearly anticipated the air to solidify.

Even at modest levels, it gave a presentation that breathed life into the music. Basslines growled and hissed, kick drums resonated in the gut, and mids and voices felt warm when touched.

And we should note that this was not the situation as it was connected to a fantastic pair of floor-standing loudspeakers.

Spectacular sound qualityVery expensive
Excellent split of the toolsRuns a little hot
Broad range of inputs and outputs

Cambridge Audio Cxa81

Cambridge Audio CXA81 is a reasonably priced amplifier on the market. This compact amplifier is packed with useful functions.

It lacks an ethernet port and a pre-amp phase, but in this day and time, it features a built-in DAC that can quickly decode 32/38 and DSD 256 recordings for broadcasting.

The asynchronous USB input may also be required if you utilize an auxiliary sound system. An enormous toroidal transformer produces a steady, low-noise current that is free of deformation and stress.

CXA81 works with 8-ohm and 4-ohm speakers, offering all of the melodic heights and nuances you’d expect.

Cambridge, like the Denon PMA-600NE amplifier, features a Bluetooth capability that allows you to transmit audio from other mobile devices.

Headphone connections are also accessible, which might improve your mood by playing new music.

Cambridge Audio CXA81 is a unique device that has the capacity to shift the soundtrack to a higher level as an incorporated amplifier. Why not consider the Cambridge Audio CXA81 as the best amplifier for kef ls50 meta?

True Hi-Fi Stereo ExperiencePricey
Digital Source Flexibility

Nad C388

Would you like an environment with virtually no distortion? With minimum sound and NAD’s C388 combined amplifier, let’s deliver the best musical sensations.

Connecting a digital sound system to the Nad port lets you instantaneously play music from the connected device.

The C 388 connects all of the important aspects of a high-performing music system, including music sources from the past, present, and future, as well as a nearly limitless source of voltage that enables your loudspeakers to disclose every bit of musical information.

Many cutting-edge technical innovations established by NAD over years of developing cheap ultra-high-performance audio parts are included in this sophisticated amplifier.

You may upgrade the C388 to add 4K video and Bluetooth multi-room music. For exceptional efficiency, it employs a sophisticated class amplifier technology.

The power supply provides noise-free sound while also producing additional voltage with no interference. High-level audio output can be driven using a built-in high-quality headphones speaker. NAD C388 has a plethora of intrinsic activities.

NAD has a good history in the amplifier industry, so you should make an informed judgment when choosing the finest level amplifier for kef ls50 meta.


  • Future-Proof Modular Design
  • Sophisticated Power


  • Inconsistency volume control

Marantz Pm7000n Integrated Amplifier

Marantz is designed for high-quality music playing. That means you won’t have to make any sacrifices; you’ll have an integrated amplifier at a reasonable price.

The Marantz PM8006 employs two-stage amplification, with a higher gain for greater distortions and a lower boost for decreased distortion.

It blends HDAM technology and JFET to deliver high-quality impedance while eliminating the need for AC capacitors and simplifying the signal route.

PM8006 is made of thick brass that has been silver plated. It has the highest output with loudspeakers. Finally, the Marantz Pm7000n KEF LS50 Meta provides a clear and pleasant performance that is ideal for sound quality.

It features beautiful steel that looks like premium fixtures and has no sacrifice in build quality.

You may also read buyer reviews in the Amazon comment area. The majority of purchasers provide 5* evaluations. According to our assessment, Marantz Pm7000n is an excellent amplifier for the KEF LS50 meta.

Big, spacious, and insightful soundPlasticky on-unit buttons
Class-leading clarity
Solid streaming program

Denon Pma-600ne Amplifier

Denon is a corporation that has concentrated on providing the greatest audio solutions. I’ve been using the product and must say; they’re among the best.

Denon is a well-known firm when it comes to long-term technology and building on previous ideas. The Denon PMA-600NE integrated amplifier was designed for beginners. It is among the company’s most recent offerings.

This is not the ideal stereo speaker for you if you want additional capabilities and anything more robust. However, if you’re looking for some good music, your quest may end here.

The Japanese producer primarily targets entry-level audiophile grades. Even the most experienced listener will discover something valuable here.

It includes tablet or smartphone communication through Bluetooth, which is not common in items in this price range. The 600 lines have emerged as one of the top amps on the global market as a member of the HEOS family.

The PMA-600NE integrated amplifier is built on the 520 series electronic inputs, which have undergone substantial upgrading to bring out modern-era performance and characteristics.

This amp’s audio quality is superior to that of many entry-level products.The contest is fierce.
It has a straightforward but stable design.
Anybody can afford it.

Audiolab 6000a 100 Amplifier

The Audiolab 6000A employs Class A/B amplification and claims 50W per speaker into 8 ohms.

The pre-amplifier portion is maintained as basic as feasible to ensure signal fidelity, and the arrangement is designed to minimize noise disturbance and distortions.

There are also separate power sources for the circuit’s key components, as well as a specialized headphone amplifier with current-feedback circuits.

The appearance of the Audiolab 6000a KEF LS50 Meta is very identical to the design of the Model 8300A, with the exception of the extra headphone connection and remote controller transmitter on the right side of the main board.

The supplier choice and MODE changing capabilities are controlled by the two buttons on the left side of the top panel.

Audiolab has paid great emphasis to the amplifier’s digital systems, with the 6000A employing tech borrowed from the top-tier 8300A line.

It indeed employs the identical DAC chip (ES9018) as the Audiolab M-DAC, a prior Award title holder.

The sound is clear, polished, and articulate.Tough competition
Large, open presentation
A good variety of characteristics

Nad – D 3020 V2 Hybrid Digital Integrated Amplifier

When it launched the original D 3020 amplifier, NAD broke a few laws. If the use of Class D amplifiers wasn’t sufficient of a jab at conventional designs, the chassis appeared wonderfully futuristic.

It stood erect, with dimensions that were wholly inappropriate for ‘real’ hi-fi. The D 3020 sounded incredible and was unlike something else on the marketplace. The latter point is shared by its successors, the D 3020 V2.

This V2 is essentially a slicker, more refined variant of the amp. It has the same shiny curve and hefty dial as its predecessor, but it somehow manages to seem old. In fact, one could argue that this model of the D 3020 harkens directly to the past.

However, things remain mostly the same, with the turntable outputs shared at the back of the box with optic, coaxial, and RCA connectors, the additional subwoofer outstaying with those for regular stereo sound, and Bluetooth surviving.

Has the superb audio quality
  • The D3020 V2’s touch buttons are unpleasant and unreliable.
  • The amp’s design is elegant and uniqueThe amp has an overly cluttered back end that is difficult to utilize
    It’s adaptable, with a plethora of helpful connectors

    Soundartist Sa-200ia Stereo Amplifier

    The SoundArtist SA-200IA Integrated Amplifier is a true HI-FI speaker that is concerned with audio clarity and excellent performance.

    The power transistors utilize the classic twin semiconductor of traditional Japanese audio, and the loading force is forceful and strong.

    It has a comprehensive high-fidelity pre-amp with a conventional amplification circuit, good channel isolation, clean and natural music, and a resonant frequency response.

    Solid and steady, with superb driving capability and balance. The elegant and simple controller enables operating straightforwardly and simply thanks to a sealed motor regulator.

    Highly integrated protective lines provide peace of mind. The panel is constructed with pure metal composition wire sketching technique panels, matte knob, and quality CNC machine tool.

    It is a high-end HI-FI amplifier designed for home theater. High-power professional solid metal converter, high-quality screen capacitors; the final stage has a double nonlinear power amplification circuit.

    This amplifier has a Tone Control that allows you to adjust the Bass and Treble.

    Remote controlPower switch transmits a loud thud to the linked subwoofer
    Amplifier good at base

    Vincent Audio Sv 500 Hybrid Integrated Kef Ls50 Amplifier

    The tone of vacuum tubes is beloved by music listeners all over the world. This explains why the German company Vincent Audio incorporates tubes into a large number of its devices as possible.

    The fundamental issue with tubes is that large, high-output electrical tubes can break when strained. As a result, Vincent Audio has developed a new category of amps known as “hybrids.”

    They utilize vacuum tubes in the pre-amp levels, where they are most effective, and solid phase electronics for current delivery to the loudspeakers.

    Many listeners all around the world consider this coupling of vacuum tubes and solid technology to be a perfect match.

    It’s a lively, nippy-sounding song that doesn’t drag bass notes around in a dull fashion and jumps along as a puppy on a rural ramble over long grass.

    Music with such velocity and energy is enjoyable, but it also possesses the tonal finesse to be agreeable.

    Good qualitySounds cheap
    Vacuum tubes are used

    Pyle Wifi Stereo Amplifier Receiver

    Built-in Bluetooth audio broadcasts are built inside the sound-enhancing mixer equipment. Works with today’s most advanced gadgets, like smartphones, tablets, iPhones, and computers, and features simple receiver pairing.

    The Pyle Dual Channel Stereo Amplifier is ideal for singing and home cinema audio systems. It provides 200W Power with 100W RMS, can fit two sets of speakers, and allows you to experience high-quality enhanced music.

    This personal media amplifier device accepts a variety of external inputs. 1 RCA music connection for tuners, CD player, cassette deck, 2 1/4″ microphone IN, HDMI, SD card slot, and Bluetooth/FM radio antennas to boost FM responsiveness and Bluetooth range.

    The enhanced professional small and strong micro amp system has sharp, fast mode settings and a powered ON/OFF switch. Rotating dial control for microphones level, bass, treble, and overall volume are included.

    An FM transmitter and remote are also provided in the kit for distant sound changes.

    Bluetooth enabledThe power cord is poorly made
    EQ connection

    Crown Xli3500 Two-Channel, 1350-Watt At 4Ω Power

    The Crown XLi 3500 Stereo Power Amplifier has a bond pin and Speakon output in addition to RCA and XLR input.

    The op-amp contains stereo/parallel-bridge-mono mechanisms, power/fault/signal presence/clip LED markers, compelled cooling systems, and safeguards against circuits, no-load, on/off buttons, and intervention from broadcast frequency range in the surroundings.

    The input responsiveness of the amplification is user switchable and ranges from 0.755V to 1.4V.

    The XLi 2500 can generate 750W per speaker at 4 ohms, 500W per side at 8 ohms, and 1500W at 8 ohms in bridged-mono configuration, relying on more than 60 years of expertise in making loudspeakers.

    This safeguards you for a predetermined period beginning on the date of purchasing specified on your bill of sale or in another manner determined by Harman.

    The six-year coverage duration will be increased. This covers flaws in the components and craftsmanship unless specified in this agreement.

    Efficient air coolingIt might have a hissing sound
    User selectable input

    Hegel H95 Kef Ls50 Meta

    From the premium to the entry-level models, Hegel’s core technologies and design principles remain the same.

    The best prominent technique is the Multistage amplifier with localized error checking, which was invented by Bent Holter, the creator of Hegel.

    The Hegel H95 audio system features USB DAC and network broadcasting. WAV, FLAC, ALAC, Ogg, and MP3 are supported, along with AirPlay and Spotify compatibility.

    A laptop can be linked to the USB connection on the device’s rear. 192kHz/24bit is the highest standard compatible with optic and electronic coaxial input.

    You should not undervalue the H95 because each channel’s power output is just 60 watts, which is more than enough to drive 2-ohm speakers in addition to 4-ohm speakers.

    The attenuation frequency can reach 2000, which is roughly 20 times higher than the typical damping value of amplifiers sold in stores. These results demonstrate the excellent drive and controlling characteristics of the H95.

    High-quality digital conversion circuitPricey
    Cello has a clear textureBetter alternatives available

    Are KEF LS50 meta worth it?

    Therefore, are really the KEF KS50 Meta indoor music loudspeakers a good investment?

    Overall, we give these hi-fi speakers a big heads-up. The KEF KS50 Meta is the contemporary market standard in home entertainment, and it reflects in the audio clarity and the multiple distinctions that it has already received.

    The KEF LS50 Meta is a definite leap up from the LS50, having wonderful new technologies that give it well value for the extra money. And if you already own the LS50 loudspeakers, there are plenty of incentives to modernize.

    The KEF KS50 Meta may be pricey, but it is a tremendous upgrade over its forerunner, with all-new functionality that isn’t just fire and lights. If you have the funds, get the KES KS50 Meta with perfect assurance.

    Does KEF LS50 need an amp?

    Because powered speakers do not require an additional amplifier or pre-amp, anything takes place within the cabinets. Two 100W A/B class amplifiers for the speakers and two 280W class D amplifiers for the mid/bass drivers add up to a certain significant sonic capability.

    This is regulated by KEF’s Music fidelity generator, a computerized data converter that sends the correct signal to the correct amplifier in order to offer improved projection and a crisper overall sound.

    Roksan K3 amp is intended to operate flawlessly with the KEF LS50 meta and other high-quality loudspeakers, and it provides excellent value for the price.

    The KEF LS50 loudspeaker is a beautiful item of sound device that features a unique driver arrangement. It’s small but powerful, and the audio quality is superior to that of other loudspeakers within the same price bracket.

    How much Power does it take to drive a KEF LS50?

    The key is in the Continuous Power standard, which informs us how potent an amp is. Common programming would state “50 watts Continuous Power into 8 ohms,” which means the amplifier will produce 50 watts into an 8-ohm loudspeaker.

    Dynamic Power is simply a metric of an amp’s peak performance production when pressed outside its Continuous Power rating—in this case, we’re discussing millisecond power spikes throughout dynamic music or soundtracks.

    When it comes to speakers, each brand appears to evaluate Power individually. Many high-end loudspeaker makers are abandoning Continuous Power and Peak Power ratings in favor of “suggested amplification” values.

    Take, for example, KEF’s fantastic LS50 speakers, which simply state, “Amplifier requirements: 25-100W.”

    Then there’s Ascend Acoustics, which still rates its speakers with Minimum Suggested Output, Maximum Continuous Power, and Highest Short Period Maximum Power.

    How many watts is LS50 meta?

    The KEF LS50 Meta is an extremely demanding bookshelf loudspeaker with a peak power absorption capacity of 100 watts and a sensitivity of 85 dB.

    The KEF LS50 Meta speakers’ backs also feature a pair of exquisitely made screw connections. After replacing the polymer covering, they are suitable with wide-diameter wires, spade plugs, and banana connectors.

    To fully express all of its capabilities, it must be combined with a strong amplifier that has a better power backup.

    The bass-reflex casing and rear channel of the KEF LS50 Meta are both present. The latter was created to precisely compute the shape and offset of the outlet in an attempt to postpone the start of disturbance using several computational fluid dynamics (CFD) models.

    Additionally, because of its porous boundaries, any vibration from the intermediate tones is prevented from affecting the sound’s genuineness.

    In comparison to the KEF LS50 of the original edition, the KEF LS50 Meta offers an even more precise, organic, and clear rendition. They stand out for their unmistakable vitality and constant vibrancy.

    The wide, open soundstage makes it possible to hear each tiny element without being overpowered by other compositions.

    Although unaltered, the design is still cutting edge and gives these speakers a distinctive edge over the bulk of competing models thanks to their more circular shape.

    Therefore, the best amplifier for KEF LS50 meta and KEF LS50 Wireless II are clear choices for everyone who appreciates beautiful things.

    Why then pick one model over the other? Since neither combination is superior to the other, the decision will mostly come down to personal preferences.