12Ax7 vs. ECC 83 (Is There ANY Other Difference Than the Names?)

12AX7 vs ECC83

Using the right components for your guitar is essential to get your desired sound. One of these essential components is a preamplifier valve. Now you will come across several preamplifier valves, two of them being the ECC83 & 12Ax7 Tubes – What is the Difference? Why are they among the best-performing signal dual-triad vacuum tubes? … Read More

Quad Cortex vs. Kemper (A LOT has Changed Over the DECADE!)

Quad Cortex vs. Kemper

If you are a guitarist or, perhaps, genuinely passionate about music creation and editing, you must have known by now about many floor modelers for the guitars. While they are indeed a significant innovation in the field of music and especially for guitarists, sufficient knowledge about these music accessories is still lacking. Before you make … Read More

Maschine Vs. Push (Comparing Workflow, Pad, UI/UX, Sampling & More!)

Maschine Vs. Push

Did you know drums have been around forever? And by forever, we actually mean forever, since they were invented ever since mankind came into existence. You will come across several ancient drawings with drums in them, as these instruments were perhaps the most popular among musicians back then. Apart from making music, drums were also … Read More

Luna Vs. Logic Pro (Who WINS the Ultimate DAW Battle for 2023?)

Luna vs Logic Pro

You must have come across the term DAW if you are into musical instruments or related software and hardware. With all these modern instruments released every day, they don’t only need good looks or good strings but also need advanced software and other equipment to sound well and be compatible with today’s tools and genres. … Read More

MP3 V0 vs 320 kbps CBR [The DEBATE Ends Here!]

mp3 v0 vs 320 kbps

Downloading and storing audio files can be quite complex to the average user when it comes to technicalities and how it functions. Audio filing has grown exponentially, becoming one of the most prominent and viable ways to indulge in multimedia entertainment. Within the digital audio industry, bitrate is a term that is used to acknowledge … Read More

Heyday Turntable Review [GREAT Sound on a Budget?]

heyday turntable

What’s up y’all and welcome back. Hope everyone is doing well. Today I am going to be doing another product review. I am going to looking over the Heyday turntable. This is a seriously talked about product in the music world (Especially with vinyl making such a huge comeback in recent years). This is a … Read More

Vox WAH vs The Crybaby [In-Depth Review + Pros & Cons]

vox wah vs crybaby

So, the Vox Wah or the Crybaby? Whether you’re a beginner dj, musician or someone who’s had plenty of musical experience, or even someone somewhere in between, a guitar pedal is something you would definitely want to add to your equipment. Pedals are a fantastic tool to mix and match many different sounds, and having … Read More