LEFT-Handed Martin Guitars [2022] – The ENTIRE Range!

Martin Left-Handed GuitarsMartin Left-Handed Guitars

Are you looking for a left-handed guitar? The good thing is that Martin has a wide variety of left-handed guitar selections that are custom-tailored to your sound, aesthetic, and comfortability needs. Left-Handed Martin Guitars 1. Martin DX Johnny Cash This acoustic-electric guitar is a great collectible for any Johnny Cash fan. It’s accompanied by a … Read More

Explorer Left-Handed Guitars

Explorer Left-Handed Guitars

Are you needing to explore a new left-handed guitar? The left-handed Explorer guitar models are very niche-specific to be on the lookout for and I’ve compiled a list of great options for your performing needs. Left-Handed Explorer Guitars 1. Gibson Epiphone Explorer This guitar has an attractive, angular, and solid mahogany body that boasts a … Read More

LEFT-Handed Fender Guitars [2022] – The ENTIRE Range!

Fender Left Handed Guitars

So you’re left handed, and there’s no shortage of things that become weirdly complicated when done with your left hand instead of your right. While we can’t fix that whole smudging problem when you write on a white board, what we can do is help you find yourself a nice left handed guitar.  While the … Read More

BEST Schecter Left-Handed Guitars [2022] – The ENTIRE Range!

Schecter Left-Handed Guitars

In the hustle and bustle of the fast world, it is essential to take out some time for yourself to revitalize and refresh. One great way to do this is by playing an interesting musical instrument, such as a guitar, especially the excellent Schecter left-handed guitars. As the guitar fans say, playing this instrument is … Read More

LEFT-Handed SC Guitars [2022] – The ENTIRE Range!

SC Left-Handed Guitars

Are you confused if you should be playing guitar if you are left-handed? Does it even matter if you are left-side dominant? Will it affect playing your guitar-playing skills? Are there any brands out there that cater to left-handed guitarists’ needs? Are SG left-handed guitars the answer? It’s time to find out! Several people have … Read More

MP3 128 kbps vs 320 kbps [The NO B.S. Guide!]

mp3 128 kbps vs 320 kbps

What is an MP3? If you’re in the business of audio recording, it’s important to know the difference between MP3 128kbps and 320kbps. Knowing the difference between audio qualities is essential if you are recording music; it means the difference between putting out a nice sounding record and a bad sounding one! To start, it’s … Read More

MP3 V0 vs 320 kbps CBR [The DEBATE Ends Here!]

mp3 v0 vs 320 kbps

Downloading and storing audio files can be quite complex to the average user when it comes to technicalities and how it functions. Audio filing has grown exponentially, becoming one of the most prominent and viable ways to indulge in multimedia entertainment. Within the digital audio industry, bitrate is a term that is used to acknowledge … Read More

Heyday Turntable Review [GREAT Sound on a Budget?]

heyday turntable

What’s up y’all and welcome back. Hope everyone is doing well. Today I am going to be doing another product review. I am going to looking over the Heyday turntable. This is a seriously talked about product in the music world (Especially with vinyl making such a huge comeback in recent years). This is a … Read More

Vox WAH vs The Crybaby [In-Depth Review + Pros & Cons]

vox wah vs crybaby

So, the Vox Wah or the Crybaby? Whether you’re a beginner musician or someone who’s had plenty of musical experience, or even someone somewhere in between, a guitar pedal is something you would definitely want to add to your equipment. Pedals are a fantastic tool to mix and match many different sounds, and having multiple … Read More

A Guide To Editing Your Voice-Acting Recording

A Guide To Editing Your Voice Acting Recording

In voice-acting, voice editing is an important step in the voice actor’s workflow. It can be used to make voice recordings more professional and polished, or it can fix technical errors such as a missed word or a repeated line.  Editing a voice-acting recording takes a few steps. First, make sure the environment is cleared … Read More

Apollo Twin X vs MKII (Picking The BEST Audio Interface For You!)

Apollo Twin X vs MKII

Universal Audio is probably one of the most well known names in the recording industry. It was founded in 1958 by Bill Putnam, and after sixty years it still remains to be at the forefront of innovative audio technology. Universal Audio was a favorite engineer of Frank Sinatra, Nat King Cole, Ray Charles and many … Read More