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TOP 10 Klipsch RP-600M Speaker Stands for All Purposes [2023]

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If you are someone who enjoys the over sound of your favorite movies, sporting events and music, then you probably have a speaker system to create better sound.

Placing and keeping the home speakers in the right place for that sound effect, will likely require the right stands to do so. 

Depending on the size of the speakers and the size of the area in which you plan on placing the stands, is one of the main things you will be looking for in the purchase research.

If you are looking for a wall mounted speaker stand, or one that stands alone there are plenty of speaker stands to consider. Including different design styles, colors and of course price ranges. 

Klipsch speakers have been producing nothing but the best speaker quality for over 70 years. No matter which speaker stand  you choose, the sound and quality of sound that you get will be some of the best that you can get. 

10 Most Suitable Klipsch RP-600M Speaker Stands

1. Echogear Universal Floor Speaker Stands

These Echogear Universal Floor Speaker Stands will suit your Klipsch RP-600M speakers perfectly. In fact, the Echogear is a universal speaker stand that holds up to about 20 pounds each.

This pair of speaker stands are 29 inches high each and will stand flat on hard surfaces but also comes with carpet grips to keep the speaker stands steady for all of your surfaces. 

These speaker stands will allow your Klipsch speaker to provide the ideal sound of your favorite shows and/or music. Put them on either side of a book shelf or tv stand or perhaps in different parts of your living room.

These speakers are easy to assemble and will connect right to your Klipsch speaker in just a few moments.  The pair sells for $74.99 on Amazon and come in black.

2. Mount-It! Floor Speaker Stands

These sleek and modern speaker stands are a bit shorter than most of the other speaker stands for your Klipsch speakers. This sleek design won’t take away from other furniture and decor.

With these speaker stands measuring at 18 inches in height, they are best for a smaller room and near a couch or other seating area. Being a universal speaker stand, they will hold any and all speakers up to 22 pounds.

This same brand does also sell these speaker stands at a 23 inch height, if you are looking for something a little bigger to get better sound. 

Both types of these speaker stands come with a strong sturdy base on the floor as well as a strong, sturdy base to hold each Klipsch speaker.

The set of these two speaker stands is $84.99, the set is also available in black if the silver/clear color won’t necessarily work with your room’s color scheme.

The 23 inch high speaker stands cost just about $90.00 for a set. The Mount It! Brand, also sells wall mount speaker stands for your Klipsch Rp 600m speakers to the wall to help project your sound throughout the room without any interruptions.

These mounted speakers can also be found on Amazon for $32.99 for the set.

3. PERLESMITH Universal Floor Speaker Stands

These Perlesmith Universal Speaker Stands are one of the few types of products that are nearly no assembly required and advertise as being “tool free” during the assembly process.

They are a heavy duty set of speaker stands, made with a glass top that will surely keep your speakers safe, especially if they get bumped into.

The design of these speaker stands will also help hide the cords from the speakers and keep everything looking nice and tidy. 

The 11 inch metal base has metal stoppers on the bottom that will help the speaker stands to adhere to any surface that they are placed on. The set of speakers is currently being sold for about $80.00 on Amazon.

The 22 pound speakers are perfect if you are looking to put your Klipsch bookshelf speakers on a stand due to the strong stability of the stand overall.

And would look great in the room while displaying your Klipsch bookshelf speakers. 

4. 2 Rockville RHT8C Computer/Bookshelf Desktop Speaker Stands

The Rockville RHT8C Computer/Bookshelf Desktop speaker stands are a great idea if you are looking to put your Klipsch speakers on a bookshelf.

These bookshelf speakers don’t require a mount and can just simply place these speaker stands on a shelf.

The speaker stands are eight inches high, giving your Klipsch speakers a boost on a built-in or any bookshelf in your room.

These bookshelf speaker stands can hold up to 66 pounds each without causing the speaker to fall off the stand and the stand itself has a no-slip guard to prevent it from sliding off a shelf as well. 

The base of the rockville speaker stands are matte black and have a wood finish that would accent any bookshelf or piece of furniture. This set of bookshelf speaker stands is sold on Amazon for $59.95.

5. Perlegear Universal Speaker Stand

The Perlegear Universal speaker stands have under a 12 inch base that won’t take up too much room.

As with most speaker stands, this set has two types of surface on the bottom of the base that will allow it to be sturdy on hard or soft floors. 

These speaker stands are made of black steel and tempered glass that will ccent any room in an ideal manner.

These stands don’t take much time to put together and just require a simple setup of the base, top and pole which also allow the speaker cords to be hidden inside and stay organized. 

The Perlegear Universal Speaker Stands sell for $62.99 and are available on Amazon.

6. EXIMUS One Pair Fixed Height Universal Speaker Floor Stands

These Eximus Speaker Stands are definitely the most sleek and will make a statement in any room. Made of real walnut wood, this set of Speaker Stands are universal for all bookshelf speakers and are made of a strong metal base.

There are two different types of bottoms, a flat bottom for hard surface floors and another with “spikes” that will adhere to carpet and prevent it from falling over. 

These speaker stands will hold up to 66 pounds and are produced of a matte black metal featuring a walnut wood accent in the front that increases the speaker stands

The wires from the speaker will also fit nicely in the stands for good organization. The set of speaker stands are sold on Amazon for $119.99. 

7. Sonos Speaker Stand Pair

These Sonos Speaker Stands are just $49.99 for the pair and sold conveniently on Amazon.

The Sonos speakers have a convenient triangle shape on the bottom that allows them to fit conveniently under a couch or other furniture legs.

These are the highest quality speaker stands but they are one of the most affordable options that will help get your speakers to the height and sound projection that you are looking for.

8. Gator Frameworks Desktop Clamp-On Studio Monitor and Speaker Stand

The Gator Frameworks speaker stands are a different concept compared to the other speaker stands mentioned on this list.

These are speaker stands that are able to be mounted to get your sound higher throughout your room, but won’t require you to put holes into your walls. 

These speaker stands will mount to a desk or shelf with an easy clamp that requires no major tools or work.

These stands will hold 60 pounds each so the Klipsch speakers should fit comfortably and still produce the sound quality that you hope to achieve. 

This set of mounted desk/shelf speakers costs $69.95 on Amazon. It’s an affordable way to prop your speakers at the correct height without all of the work of doing so.

9. Sanus Adjustable Height Speaker Stand

This set of speaker stands is one of the most affordable options, selling for just about $45 for the two on Amazon.

These speaker stands are adjustable, starting at 28 inches with the capability of raising to 38 inches, making them a versatile speaker stand, no matter what height you need them.

These speaker stands consist of a long, skinny structure that allow the Klipsch speakers to have the spotlight and also won’t take away from any other decor in the room, while still providing the sound that you are looking for.

These speaker stands would also be great for smaller spaces.

10. PERLESMITH Universal Speaker Stands

If you’re looking for speaker stands for your Klipsch speakers that won’t cost a lot of money, then these Perlesmith Universal Speaker Stands may just be what you are looking for.

These speaker stands arrive at 18 inches but can be extended up to 43 inches. There is such a big difference in height because when listening to them, you can adjust how you want the sound whether you are seated or standing.

Making for an overall great listening experience.

All of the speaker wires can be placed in the pole of the speaker stand for neatness. These universal speaker stands made by Perlesmith are just $39.99 for the set, which is the one of the most affordable on the market.

Buying Guide

Do speaker stands improve sound quality?

While the Klipsch speakers will be producing all of the sound, speaker stands do in fact provide better sound quality and make your listening experience even better.

The reason being that speaker stands help achieve the desired location and height of the sound that you need most. 

Whether that requires you to put speaker stands behind your sofa, across the room or even mounted on a wall or shelf, the sound will now project and allow you to get all of the sound.

Whereas if the speakers are just used alone, without a speaker stand, the sound will interfere with other robejets in the room instead of being up on a speaker stand without interfering with anything else in the room.

How tall is the Klipsch Rp 600m?

The Klipsch Rp 600m speakers are 16 inches in height, 8inches wide  and 12 inches deep.

These dimensions are key to finding the perfect speaker stands that will fit your Klipsch Rp 600m speaker correctly and allow them to project the sound quality that you are looking for.

Buying a speaker stand that is too big or too small won’t keep your speakers intact which could cause them to fall or shift and possibly even damage the speakers.

How loud is Klipsch Rp 600m?

If you are shopping for a high quality speaker that will produce high quality sound whether it is for watching films or listening to your favorite band, the Klipsch 600Rp 600mmay just be the speaker that you are looking for.

The Klipsch 600 Rp 600m project sound through its two-way speaker design allows for 100 RMS which stands for “Root Mean Square” a measurement of how much power yoru speaker can handle.

Showing that the Klipsch Rp 600m has a wide sound capacity. For its design, the Klipsch Rp 600m has a much louder sound capacity than many other brands on the market.

The Klipsch Rp 600m has Hybrid Tractrix horn technology  which allows the sound to broadcast across a living room or wherever you wish to place these speakers. This technology puts the speakers in a class of their own.

Best speaker stands for Klipsch Bookshelf

As mentioned above, there are certain speaker stands that are better for bookshelves.

The Gator Frameworks Desktop Clamp-On Studio Monitor and Speaker Stand allows for Klipsch Rp 600m speakers to be mounted onto a bookshelf or even a desk.

This would allow for the sound to get the height that you desire. This would also help with the idea of a wall mounted speaker, especially if you don’t want to put a permanent hole in the wall. 

The 2 Rockville RHT8C Computer/Bookshelf Desktop Speaker Stands are also another great option for a bookshelf speaker stand. These have a no-slip bottom surface that will prevent them from slipping off the shelf.

As one can see, there are many options when it comes to finding the perfect speaker stands for the Klipsch Rp 600m speakers.

Whether you want standing speaker stands, bookshelf speaker stands or to mount it on the wall, there are options.

These speaker stands are also available in different price ranges depending on how much you wish to spend on the speaker stands.

Whichever speaker stands you choose, the Klipsch Rp 600m speakers will completely improve your sound experience the next time you watch your favorite movie or listen to your favorite song.