9 Best Recording Software for Rappers [2020]

Best recording software for rappers.

A Digital Workstation (DAW) is the software used to record music and sits at the heart of a rapper’s music creation. Beginners, especially, find it a tough decision when choosing the best recording software that will help them achieve their musical goals. To find the best software for rappers, consider the software compatibility with your … Read More

9 Best Free Recording Software for Rappers

free recording software for rap artists.

Starting something brand new, such as a career in rap, can be a bit overwhelming. There are so many different things to think about and plan for when first starting out, and it can be stressful. However, picking a recording software that doesn’t break the bank shouldn’t be the cause of any stress for new … Read More

11 Best Vocal Effects for Rappers [TO SOUND PRO]

vocal effects that are good for rappers.

If you have ever tried your hand at mixing rap and hip-hop, chances are you know that it is challenging, to say the least. The vocals can be especially tricky: when working with a number of separate multi-track files, achieving the perfect sound takes a lot of time, experience, and effort. Fortunately, modern technology has … Read More

These Top 9 Wireless Mics are Perfect for Rappers!!

top wireless microphones for upcoming rappers

As a rapper, a wireless mic gives you the freedom of movement and protects you from potential cabling trip hazards. Whether you are setting out as a first time rapper or an established veteran, you should get a trusted mic that enhances your stage presence. From reputable brands such as Archeer, Neumann, Audio-Technica, you’ll find … Read More

21 Best Apps For Rappers [TO UP YOUR RAP GAME]

21 best rapper apps

Making it as a rapper has never been easier. While you still need some talent to come up with a hype-worthy song and practice to perfect your flow, mobile apps have made it easier to find ready-made beats, create beats from scratch on the go, come up with song ideas, gain exposure, and even size … Read More